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Houston Paper Shredding

Get an affordable shredding option for your sensitive business or personal information. Houston Paper Shredding can match all your volume, frequency, or security requirements to the best service for you.

About Houston Paper Shredding

Shredding important paperwork is not an option for businesses. There are countless Texas laws that require the proper disposal of confidential business documents. Additionally, FACTA and HIPAA are federal laws that require the shredding of personal information before it is disposed.

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Off Site Shredding
Paper shredding services houston
Mobile Shredding
Hard Drive Destruction
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Shredding for Business
paper shredding services
Residential Shredding

Discover secure mobile, off site, ship n shred, and hard drive shredding from Houston Paper Shredding. Our experts can help you find the best solution for your home or business to destroy materials efficiently and securely.

After off site or mobile shredding, you receive a certificate of destruction for your records. This is your verification that the work was done properly and in compliance with your records retention program.

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Houston Based Shredding Services


A driver visits your location and shreds your documents on site. You can watch the entire process.

Off Site

A driver picks up your documents from your location and shreds them at a local Houston facility along with thousands of other documents.

Hard Drive

Total destruction is key—your electronic media is shredded and the pieces are melted down for metal recycling.

Service Frequencies

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  • Ongoing Service – Weekly, monthly or quarterly shredding service.
  • Purge Service – One-time, annual or occasional shredding service. Drivers make a one-time visit to your location and shred your documents either on site or at a secure facility. Prices are based on volume.

Residential Shredding in Houston

Homeowners must take every precaution to ensure the safety of their homes and families. If you live in Houston or its surrounding areas, there are steps you can take to protect your family’s private information before it gets into the wrong hands. Read more to learn about what you can do to stop fraudulent behavior before it’s too late. With industrial shredders, the process is quick and secure. Don’t simply throw away your personal information–make sure it’s fully destroyed.

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